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About Us
formerly known as Bien Bull-e Q'ers.
(pronounced: BEE-en, BOOL-eh, Q-ers...or BBQers for short, eh, get it)
Changed our name to Toro Loco Cookers (2012), "Cooking with TLC!" Easier to pronounce for most, and a few other reasons.
This is our cooking team name (Old Name, 2011-2012).  The name is a play on words, Bien Bule, TexMex slang for really cool or bad ass.  We tried our hand at a few cookoffs during this time. It truly was not until 2013 when we ramped things up.
The team mainly consists of Louie "Toro" Liendo, Fred "The Yeti" Leal, and Eric "Mexkimo" Rodriguez. 2016 has brought Wendy Camp to us to learn the ropes of competition cooking before she branches out and makes her all women team.  At times we team up with other cooks or teams to assist in bigger cookoffs or events. 
We also LOVE to tailgate at the Texans games. Whether with our own group or others out there. We tailgated the Orange lot until 2013, but now help and hangout with the likes of Bullhorn Tailgaters, Bulls on McNee, Real Steel, and Texans Liberty Tailgaters in the Yellow Lot.  And Houston has the BEST tailgaters in the NFL!!!! (I know I'll catch hell from someone bout that one, lol).
Much like most of the visitors to this site, we enjoy cooking in it's multitude of forms. Always wondered howcome there is not a catchall site for BBQ (I know there are a few out there, but some are hard to navigate, don't update, or leave stuff out). Especially in Houston. So decided to put something together for us all. Hopefully this works out ok, and if you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to try and make it work.
Appreciative thoughts go out to all the football and BBQ fans out there having fun with us in person or online.  If you need some logo designing, you can not go wrong with Patrick Carlson who made our new Toro Loco logo or the fine folks at J. D. Harding & Co.  The guys are awesome and will hook you up.  Let me know and I'll get you their info.
Thanks for viewing, and I hope you bookmark and visit the site often.
Q it up yall and See yall on the Smoke Trail!

 Cookin' With TLC
June 2011.  Frank N Steins 1st Annual BBQ Cookoff - Sugar Land, TX. 2nd Overall & 1st Sausage.

June 2011.  Fallen Heroes BBQ Cookoff – Hitchcock, TX. 2nd cut, Top 15 Ribs.

July 2011.  2nd Annual Waterfowl Expo/Hotter Than Hell BBQ Cookoff (TGCBCA) – Pasadena, TX. 10th Ribs, 11th Brisket, 14th Chicken.

Nov 2011.  Diamonds and Dollars Cookoff - Papa's Icehouse (TGCBCA) - Spring, TX. 3rd Jackpot Open, 11th Ribs.

Jan 2012.   3rd Annual Chili Cookoff-Marine Corp Moms of Houston- Churchhill’s Bar & Grill- Sugar Land, TX. 1st Chili

Feb 2012.  Sombrero Festival – Brownsville, TX. 1st Chili & 7th Beans.

March 2012. Grant-A-Starr 1st Annual Chili cookoff (CASI) - Sugar Land, TX. 3rd Beans & final table Chili.

July 2012. Texas Cook Em:High Steaks (IBCA) - Edinburg, TX. 9th Ribs. 94 teams.

July 2012. Tex Mex Cookoff (TGCBCA) - Houston, TX. Final table Fajitas.

Aug 2012. Hotter Than Hell Cookoff (TGCBCA) - Katy, TX. 15th Brisket, 13th Ribs, 2nd Beans.

Oct 2012. Harris County Fair. Katy, TX. Kids Q: Felicity 3rd Open. 

Nov 2012. Tejano Mania BBQ Throwdown (LSBS) - Houston, TX. 1st Chili, 1st Open, 1st Ribs, 1st Brisket. Grand Champion.  Combo team - John's Up in Smoke, TLC. 100+ teams

Nov 2012 Diamonds & Dollars (TGCBCA) - Spring, TX. 6th Ribs, 14th Chicken.
Kids Q: Felicity 2nd open, 3rd Pork Chops, and raffle bicycle.

Jan 2013 Hold Em and Hit Em. Katy, TX. Kids Q: Alia 3rd Open, 5th Pork Chops.

Jan 2013 Hotwell's  Venison Chili Cookoff. Cypress, TX. 5th place.

Feb 2013 Chilly Chili. Austin, TX. 6th Beans, 9th Chili, 9th Chicken.

March 2013 Elks Lodge Spring Cook Off. Kemah, TX. 2nd Chili.

March 2013 BBQ Cookoff & Family Benefit. Crosby, TX. 1st Chicken.

April 2013 George Watt Commemorative Chili Cook Off. Deer Park, TX. 2nd Beans,
3rd People's Choice. 

April 2013 Texas Association of First Responders Wild Game Charity Cook off. Houston, TX. 3rd Chicken, 5th Brisket. Grand Champion. 151 teams

May 2013 Stars Bar & Grill. Katy, TX. 4th Brisket, 4th Ribs, 5th Wild Game.

May 2013 BBQ Throwdown. Crosby, TX. 1st Beans, 2nd Open, 4th Brisket, 10th Chicken.
Combo team - John's Up in Smoke, TLC.

July 2013 Texas Cook Em: High Steaks (IBCA) - Edinburg, TX. 6th Chicken. 96 teams.  

July 2013 Brazos County Go-Texan (IBCA) - Kurten, TX. 8th Brisket, 9th Open, 12th Chicken, 13th Beans. 

Aug 2013 Down & Derby (TGCBCA) - Trader's Village Houston, TX. 5th chicken, 9th open, 11th brisket, 1st, 7th, 9th drinks.

Aug 2013 DAL Foundation 5th Annual BBQ (IBCA) - Blanconia, TX. 1st Brisket, 1st Open, 2nd Margaritas, 4th Chicken, 5th Rib.

Oct 2013 American Royal Invitational (KCBS) - Kansas City, MO. Pork butt 41st. 170.3200. Ribs 122nd. 159.4172. Brisket 127th. 158.2628. Chicken 155th. 158.2628. 174 Teams.

Oct 2013 American Royal Open (KCBS) - Kansas City, MO. 53rd sausage 170.2972. Chicken 114th 167.9772. Pork butt 162nd 165.6800. Brisket 214th 161.1316. Ribs 500th 139.3600. 500+ Teams.

Oct 2013 1st Annual Josh Haynie Memorial (IBCA) - Wharton, TX. 1st Chicken, 3rd Chili, 11th Brisket, Final table Ribs.

Oct 2013 Hideaway on Dunvale Tailgate Challenge #2 - Houston, TX. 1st Shrimp, 2nd Pork Loin, 2nd Chicken Breast. Reserve Grand Champion.

Nov 2013 Bedrock Tavern. Cypress, TX. 1st Chicken, 2nd Ribs, 4th Brisket. Grand Champion.

Nov 2013 Hideaway on Dunvale Tailgate Challenge #3 - Houston, TX. 1st Beef Fajita, 1st Chicken Quesadilla, 1st Stuffed Jalapeno. Grand Champion

Jan 2014 18th Annual BBQ Cook-off.  La Porte, TX. 4th Open, 5th desert, 7th brisket, Showmanship award.

Jan 2014 Hold Em and Hit Em. Katy, TX. Kids Q: 4th Open (Felicity), 5th Open (Alia), 10th Open (Sierra).

Jan 2014 Western Wood W3 Cookoff #2. Helotes, TX. 3rd Chicken. 150 teams.  

Feb 2014. Victoria Livestock Show BBQ (IBCA). Victoria, TX. 5th ribs, 10th beans. 69 teams.

Feb 2014.  Sombrero Festival – Brownsville, TX. 10th Chili. 

March 2014. Elks Lodge #2322  Spring BBQ Cook Off (IBCA). Kemah, TX. 1st Ribs, 8th Chili, 9th brisket, 13th Chicken 9th brisket

March 2014. WESTERN W3 BBQ Cook-Off Series. Overall Series: 49th. 20th Chicken, 51st Ribs, 78th Brisket. ~180 teams.

April 2014 Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 2427 (TGCBCA). Tomball, TX. 6th Ribs, 9th Brisket.

April 2014 George Watt Commemorative Chili Cook Off. Deer Park, TX. 1st Chili, 2nd Beans, 4th People's Choice. Grand Champion

 April 2014 Texas Association of First Responders Wild Game Charity Cook off. Houston, TX (IBCA). 2nd Chicken, 5th Wild Game, 6th Brisket, 16th Ribs. Reserved Grand Champion. 175+ teams

May 2014 Cinco de Mayo BBQ C/O (IBCA)- Goliad, TX. 1st Ribs, 4th Chicken. 49 teams. 

May 2014 TGCBCA Invitational - Conroe, TX. 8th Chicken, 9th Ribs, 18th Brisket. 46 Teams.

May 2014 US Navy Seal Danny Dietz Memorial BBQ Cookoff (IBCA). Rosenburg, TX. 4th Open. 4th Ribs. 9th Bloody Mary. 9th Dessert. 19th Chicken. 49 teams.

June 2014 South Texas Pitmasters Shootout. Kingsville, TX. 13th Ribs. 100+ teams

June 2014 Kids Unlimited Foundation (TGCBCA). Pearland, TX. 3rd Ribs, 5th Brisket, 9th Chicken. 

June 2014 Waller County Mudfest (TGCBCA) - Hempstead, TX. 2nd Brisket, 8th Ribs. 41 Teams.

July 2014 Texas Cook Em: High Steaks (IBCA) - Edinburg, TX. 6th Brisket, 6th Ribs, Final Table Tbone. 5th overall, 109  Teams.

July 2014 Moulton Jamboree (IBCA) - Moulton, TX. 2nd Showmanship.

Sept 2014 Brazoria Co Public Saftey (IBCA) - Pearland, TX. 1st Open, 
1st Showmanship. 74 Teams.

Sept 2014 Shertzfest (TGCBCA) - Schertz, TX. 5th Open. 76 Teams.

Sept 2014 Waller County Fair (TGCBCA) - Waller, TX. 4th Chicken, 5th Ribs, 5th Open, 6th Brisket 

Oct 2014 Weiser Air Park BBQ Cookoff (TGCBCA) - Cypress, TX. 10th Ribs

Oct 2014 Annual Josh Haynie Memorial (IBCA) - Wharton, TX. 2nd chili, 4th beans, 13th brisket, 14th chicken.

Oct 2014 3rd Annual BBQ Cook-Off benefiting Camp Hope. http://ptsdusa.org/ - Houston, TX. 2nd Breakfast, 2nd Chicken, 3rd Open, 4th Brisket, 5th Ribs. Grand Champion.

Nov 2014 Veterans Day Celebration BBQ & Wild Game Cook Off (IBCA) - Pearland, TX. 1st Wild Game Chili, 4th Chicken, 9th Brisket. 45 Teams. 

Nov 2014 Kingsville Heritage Rodeo (IBCA) - Kingsville, TX. 10th Ribs. 76 Teams.

Jan 2015 O'Neals Sports Bar - Baytown, TX. 4th gumbo, 4th beans, 5th shrimp, 7th cooks choice, 8th steak, 9th chili. Combo team: Toro's Hideaway.

Feb 2015 Chilly Chili (IBCA) - Austin, TX. 14th Ribs, 19th Open. 89 Teams.

Feb 2015 Sombrero Festival - Brownsville, TX. 2nd Beans (60+ Teams), 6th Chili (50+ Teams).

March 2015 Turn N Burn (IBCA) - Pleasanton, TX. 11th Brisket. 144 Teams

March 2015 Clear Lake Elks Lodge #2322 (IBCA) - Kemah, TX. 9th Ribs, 9th Chicken, 10th Brisket.

April 2015 Watt-A-Cookoff - Deer Park, TX. 1st Chili, 1st People's Choice, 4th Beans. Reserved Grand Champion

April 2015 Texas Association of First Responders Wildgame Charity Cookoff. 
(LSBS) - Houston, TX. 4th Brisket, 11th Ribs, 18th Wild game, 20th Chicken. 192 Teams.

May 2015 TGCBCA Invitational (TGCBCA) - Conroe, TX. 5th Brisket, 5th Ribs, 1st Rd Chicken. Reserve Grand Champion. 61 Teams.

May 2015 US Navy Seal Danny Dietz BBQ Cookoff (IBCA) - Rosenburg, TX. 1st Brisket, 9th Chicken. 48 Teams.

May 2015 Grill of Victory on the Travel Channel. Houston Episode Winner.

June 2015 South TX Pitmasters Shootout (IBCA) - Kingsville, TX. 3rd Beans, 14th Brisket. 94 Teams.

June 2015 Texas BBQ Kings Series Qualifier (IBCA) - Pearland, TX. 3rd Brisket, 5th Ribs, 14th Brisket. 3rd Overall. Qualified.

July 2015 Texas Cook Em:High Steaks (IBCA) - Edinburg, TX - 7th Brisket, FT Ribs, FT Chicken. 100+ teams.

July 2015 Tin Roof Cookoff - Atascocita, TX.  Toro Loco Cookers 5th ribs. FT chicken, steak. 7th overall. Toro Loco Tres 5th Overall.

Aug 2015 Big Worm's Houston's First Sanctioned Steak Cookoff (SCA)- Houston, TX. 2nd Appetizer. 35 Teams

Sept 2015 Texas BBQ Kings Championship (IBCA) - San Antonio. 2nd Ribs, 6th Chicken, 15th Brisket. 4th Overall.

Sept 2015 Buckin For Boobs (IBCA) - Robstown, TX. . 3rd Open, 5th Beans, 9th Brisket, FT ribs. 45 Teams.

Oct 2015 Weiser Air Park (TGCBCA) - Cypress, TX. FT Ribs.

Oct 2015 4th Annual BBQ Cook-Off benefiting Camp Hope. http://ptsdusa.org/ - Houston, TX.
4th Breakfast, 4th Chicken, FT Brisket, Ribs, Open.

Nov 2015 Inspiring Possibilities (TGCBCA) - Traders Village-Houston. 10th Chicken,
11th Brisket. 80 Teams

Nov 2015 Kingsville Heritage BBQ cookoff (IBCA) - Kingsville, TX. 8th Ribs, FT Brisket. 85 Teams.

Dec 2015 Bert Ogden Mission Cowboy Christmas Cook Off (IBCA) - Mission, TX. 2nd Fajitas, 5th Beans, 5th Pan de Campo, 15th Brisket. 62 Teams. Combo Team - Smoking Primes.

Jan 2016 Bulls on Mcnee Tailgaters Chili Bowl. Yellow Lot - Texans Tailgating. 1st Chili.

Jan 2016 Hold em and Hit em (TGCBCA) - Houston, TX. FT Brisket. 150 teams. Combo Team -Loco Bull McNee.

Feb 2016 Chilly Chili (IBCA) - Austin, TX. 2nd Open (CHC), 5th Chicken (CHC), 10th Brisket (CHC), 11th Beans (TLC). 102 Teams. Cooked with Cool Hands Cookers.

April 2016 Rosenburg Masonic Lodge (IBCA) - Rosenburg, TX. 4th Brisket, 8th Fajitas.

May 2016 Wheelock VFD Spring Fest (IBCA) - Wheelock, TX. 2nd Chicken, 5th Ribs, 9th Brisket. 3rd Overall.

May 2016 US Navy Seal Danny Dietz BBQ Cookoff (IBCA) - Rosenburg, TX. 2nd beans, 2nd Open, 12th brisket, semis ribs and chicken. 80+ teams

June 2016 June Cookoff (IBCA) - Columbus, TX. 1st Open, 1st Beans, 6th Brisket, 7th Fajitas, 8th Ribs. 7th overall.  #TeamDairyCone

July 2016 Texas Cook Em:High Steaks (IBCA) - Edinburg, TX. 6th brisket, 12 Ribs, 125 Teams. 14th, 15th, 59th steak (Entered 3 teams), 137 Teams.

July 2016 Prime8 Flood Control Benefit- Houston, TX. 
Toro Loco Tres (aka Eric & Wendy) 1st Mixed drinks, 2nd Open Chicken, 2nd Steak 
& Overall Grand Champion. 
Toro Loco Dos (aka Fred) 1st place Open Chicken, 6th mix drinks, 4th steak. 

July 2016 Quail Creek VFD (IBCA) - Victoria, TX. 16th Brisket, 18th Chicken, FT Ribs (17th?)
, 50+ Teams

July 2016 Kids Unlimited (IBCA) - Pearland, TX. 5th Open.

Sept 2016 Waller County Fair & Rodeo (IBCA) - Hempstead, TX. 2nd Magarita, 3rd Beans, 11th Ribs, 13th Brisket

Oct 2016 5th Annual BBQ Cook-Off benefiting Camp Hope. http://ptsdusa.org/ - Houston, TX.1st Brisket, 8th place Breakfast,10th place Open,10th place Chicken, 15th place Rib. 38 Teams.

Oct 2016 1st Annual Mercy Salinas Cookoff (IBCA) - Wharton, TX. Toro Loco Cookers: 1st Beans, 10th Ribs, 13th Brisket. Toro Loco Tres:9th Ribs. 42 Teams.

Nov 2016 Inspiring Possibilities Cookoff (IBCA) - Magnolia, TX. Smokin Toro Loco Tres: 1st Dessert, 4th Open, 13th Chicken.  Sweet Toro Loco: 12th Open. 110 Teams.

Nov 2016 Thanksgiving Barbecue Cookoff - Brownsville, TX.  1st Turkey Drumstick, 3rd Ribs, 4th Chicken.

Dec 2016 Water's Edge Cookoff (IBCA) - Hitchcock, TX. 10th Ribs, FT Brisket.

Jan 2017 Bulls on Mcnee Tailgaters Chili Bowl. Yellow Lot - Texans Tailgating. 1st People's Choice Chili, 3rd overall.

Jan 2017 Lucky's Pub SuperBowl Cookoff (IBCA) - Houston, TX. 9th Chicken 10th Ribs, 11th Brisket. 

Feb 2017 Honky Tonk Festival (IBCA) - Gonzales, TX. Toro Loco Dos (aka Fred). 3rd Ribs. 57 Teams.